Motor Cycle Thefts – Secure Your Bike

Motor Cycle Thefts – Secure Your Bike
Business Premises Being Targeted – Please Be Vigilant

‘Gone in 10 seconds’ – Coleshill Policing area has had 5 thefts of Motorcycle in the past 2 weeks.

Thieves are targeting business premises, often with ‘arm barrier entrance’ that a motorcycle can easily bypass. The method being used is that offenders are riding stolen motorcycles, 2 up and displaying false plates. They are operating cross-border and committing offences at all times of night and day across a large area. The bikes that are being targeted range from scooters to high powered motorcycles.

One bike displaying false plates entered a business site in Water Orton at around 11:00hrs and was seen to be looking at parked motorcycles. The same motorcycle was then was seen in Birmingham City centre at around 14:00hrs on the same day looking at parked motorcycles outside a train station – this is an example of the large area the thieves are operating in.

On 8th May 2018 a motorcycle was stolen from a business premises in Coleshill at 20:00hrs using the above method. The site was very busy with members of the public and staff present along with high quality CCTV and arm-barrier entrance. This did not deter the thieves who broke the steering-lock of the motorcycle in 10 seconds before pushing the stolen bike away!

Whilst Warwickshire Police will be gathering intelligence and targeting the suspects this post is encouraging all motorcyclist to ensure that they use extra crime prevention measures. Just because the motorcycle is parked on a business site with people present, security, CCTV and barrier – the thieves are not deterred. Please ensure you use disk locks/chains at all times.

Coleshill SNT will be attending business premises across the area to give crime prevention leaflets out to motorcycle owners over the coming days – but please spread the word. Attached are images of the thieves operating and a Warwickshire Police leaflet for ‘Motorcycle and Scooter – Crime Prevention Advice’.

Please keep an eye out for the vehicle in the images below which is a Yamaha MT07 in grey with yellow wheels and being ridden 2 up – this motorcycle was involved in 2 thefts of motorcycle on 08/05/2018 and others previous. However, bare in mind that the suspects are likely to change the vehicle regularly so any suspicious activity please ring 101 and any crime in progress please call 999.


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