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Membership of Rural Watch

There are many benefits to signing up to the scheme, which include:

Alerts emailed to you directly by Warwickshire Police to advise you of incidents in the area where you live and rural incidents in the county.

Gate signs stating you are a member of a police approved watch scheme. These signs are reflective so if someone is using a torch or vehicle headlights near your property where the sign is positioned, it will reflect back making it more prominent.

If you have a fuel tank and have taken some kind of preventative measures we will provide you with a reflective anti-tamper sticker to go on your tank stating it is protected and you are in a Police approved scheme.

For Farms and Rural Business, you can make an appointment with your local officer or the Co-ordinator to visit and have your property security marked using various products. It enables you to easily identify your property, deters thieves and if stolen provides a way to establish the owner and return it to you.

If your property is marked we will provide you with a reflective A4 and A5 sign to warn thieves your property is marked which is an effective deterrent.

We will also, if you wish, register your property on a secure computer database called Immobilise, used by Police forces around the UK it improves the possibility of stolen property being returned to you wherever it is found in the country. For further details on this system please visit

We will keep you updated of the latest equipment available and any initiatives by Warwickshire Police and Rural Watch to protect your property.