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National Road Safety Week

Warwickshire Police and partners carried out a range of activities during national Road Safety Week between 16 to 22 November to support the important theme No Need to Speed set by BRAKE the road safety charity to remind everyone of how the speed they travel affects other people.
Sergeant Shaun Bridle said “During 2019, the highest recorded speed in a 30mph speed limit on Warwickshire’s roads was 87mph.
“To put this into perspective, the impact of a child being struck by a vehicle at 27mph, is equivalent to the child falling from a 3rd floor window.”
“These statistics are shocking because we know the risk of death or serious injury goes up even with modest increases in speed. This means that it is not just the extreme speeders who increase the risk, we all increase the risk if we go even slightly over the limit.”
At the other end of the scale the highest recorded speed in a 70mph speed limit in Warwickshire was 130mph on a motorway. Out of 364 drivers officers caught doing speeds of 96mph or above, 257 (70%) were driving over 100mph.
Sergeant Bridle added “Speed limits help protect the public as speed plays a part in every death and injury on our roads. The higher the speed the harder the collision and the greater the risk of death and injury.
“We are asking all drivers on all roads to please slow down and drive within the speed limit and according to the road conditions.”
During the week a total of 824 vehicles were checked for their speed, with 130 drivers receiving some kind of formal action either a Traffic Offence Report or letter from Community Speed Watch advising them about their speed.
Many of these speed checks were completed by Safer Neighbourhood Teams who carried out a total of 21 checks during the week long campaign and also used the opportunity to set up new Community Speed Watch groups.