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South Alcester Area Local Police Newsletter Including Incidents

South Alcester Police Safer Neighbourhood Team Newsletter
Damage. Ropewalk, Alcester. Deep scratch made to side of vehicle. Vehicle was parked on drive to house. Overnight 20th & 21st December. 0161 21/12/2018
Violence. Public House, Alcester. Following a report of a fight, one male was arrested for being Drunk and Disorderly and Resisting Arrest. 10.40pm Thursday 20th December. 0400 20/12/2018
Anti-Social Behaviour. Gunnings Road, Alcester. Report of cars revving their engines and driving around the area, including the Hall car park. Caller concerned that they may start racing. Police attended. No offences disclosed. No further calls. 9.10pm Thursday 20th December. 0366 20/12/2018
Anti-Social Behaviour. Car Park of Community Centre, off St Faiths Road, Alcester. Caller reporting cars driving in and out of the car park at speed, causing a danger to those using the Centre. 6.25pm Monday 17th December. 0338 17/12/2018
Vehicle Crime. Gas House Lane, Alcester. Rear reversing sensors stolen from three Peugeot delivery vans. Between 14th & 17th December. 0039 17/12/2018
Burglary Residential. Oversley Green. Secure shed and garage broken into and several items stolen. This included an Orange & White KTM 85cc motorcycle, welding mask and pedal cycle. Between 7am and 9am Monday 17th December. 0097 17/12/2018
Damage. Wixford. Secure gates to driveway damage by being forced open. Between 7pm and 9pm Tuesday 18th December. 0397 18/12/2018
Suspicious Circumstances. Rush Lane, Bidford. A big vehicle, possible a 4X4, seen parked on private driveway. Full details of registration number passed to police. Caller concerned that the occupants were up to no good. No offences disclosed at the time. Evenings of 21st and 22nd December. 0449 22/12/2018
Damage. Two Incidents reported. Honeybourne Road, Bidford. Damage caused to various gates to fields. Either the security chains were cut or the gate forced by vehicles. Offender(s) vehicles have then driven around the land, leaving tyre marks. Overnight 20th & 21st December. 0285 21/12/2018 and 0177 21/12/2018
Suspicious Circumstances. Grafton Lane, Bidford. Noises heard from outbuildings. Caller concerned that someone had entered the property. No offences disclosed at the time. 9.15pm Thursday 20th December. 0372 20/12/2018
Theft. Shop, Bidford. Theft of Eight items by way of shoplifting. Two offenders – White male, mid 20’s, medium build, 5′ 8″, wearing a long green / navy waterproof coat, black t-shirt, black baseball cap, grey tracksuit bottoms, grey trainers and a thick gold neck chain. Second a white male, mid 20’s, slim build, 5′ 10″, wearing a black waterproof jacket, black t-shirt, light grey tracksuit bottoms, black trainers with white stripes. 1.15pm Tuesday 18th December. 0197 18/12/2018
Vehicle Crime. Albion Terrace, Broom. Black Honda Xr 125 motorcycle stolen without keys. Between 12 midnight and 8.30am Friday 21st December. 0078 21/12/2018
Vehicle Crime. Albion Terrace, Broom. Front and Rear number plates stolen from car. Between 6.30pm and 10.30pm Wednesday 19th December. 0176 20/12/2018
Burglary Business. Iron Cross. Three sheds broken into and items stolen including saws, chainsaw, grinders and tools. Found and reported Saturday 22nd December. 0212 22/12/2018
Burglary Residential. Iron Cross. Padlocks cut off outbuildings. Nothing stolen. Between 21st & 22nd December. 0183 22/12/2018
Burglary Business. Dunnington. Offender(s) have forced open main doors to building. A high value item made of marble has then been stolen. 12.15am Sunday 23rd December. 0013 23/12/2018
Suspicious Circumstances. Bomford Way, Salford Priors. Man on push bike seen to go to house and ask for plastic bags. Also seen looking through window of house. Caller concerned that they were acting suspiciously. Described as a male, wearing a Yellow Beanie hat and a High Vis jacket. 2.10pm Sunday 23rd December. 0250 23/11/2018
Suspicious Circumstances. Evesham Road, Salford Priors. Person wearing a hoodie seen to come out of the hedgerow and get into a Silver BMW that then drove off at speed towards Abbots Salford. Registration number passed to police. Vehicle believed to have been recently stolen. 2.45pm Friday 21st December. 0235 21/12/2018
Burglary Residential. Bomford Way, Salford Priors. Offender(s) have smashed a rear window and have gained entry. Car keys stolen. Between 10.30am and 2.40pm. Friday 21st December. 0221 21/12/2018
Suspicious Circumstances. Moat Farm Cottages, Abbots Salford. A “chunk of wood” taken out of the gatepost to the property. Caller concerned that this has been done by persons marking the property for crime. Daytime Friday 21st December. 0240 21/12/2018
Burglary Residential. Orchard Close, Welford. Offender(s) have gained access to house via a window and have made an untidy search. It is believed some items were stolen at the time and this would be confirmed. Found and reported on the evening of Tuesday 18th December. 0384 18/12/2018
Burglary Residential. Welford Road, Long Marston. Offender(s) have gained entry to house through window. Gate to property also damaged. Untidy search of house made. Nothing believed stolen at the time of the report. Between 3pm and 5.30pm. Wednesday 19th December. 0316 19/12/2018
Breakdown of Report – As you will appreciate not all the calls we receive are appropriate for the report. Incidents of a sensitive matter or incidents that relate to ongoing investigations are not normally listed. For your perusal, we list below the number of other incidents that have been created for the Alcester South area this week.
03 x Alarms
04 x Concerns
09 x Burglaries
04 x Domestics
14 x Suspicious Circumstances
06 x Observations
09 x Road Traffic Collisions
06 x Abandoned Vehicles
03 x Anti-Social Behaviour
01 x Malicious Communications
01 x Lost / Found
04 x Violence
04 x Silent 999’s
04 x Damage
02 x Firearms
03 x Vehicle Crime
04 x Road Incidents
01 x Fraud
02 x Theft
01 x Sudden Death
01 x Missing Person
01 x Animal Incident