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Appeal to Dog Owners – Livestock Worrying Incident

A report has been received of a sheep being attacked by a dog in one of the villages in the Rugby area, fortunately the animal will survive.

Livestock worrying is a concern, especially in rural areas and this time of year when a number of animals are either pregnant or have young with them.

When in a field with livestock, please keep to the footpath and keep your dog under control and by your side, preferably on a lead.

If your dog is let out into the garden or other area please ensure this is secure and there is no where that they can get out.

When out with your dog please pick up after it and take it home or put in a dog bin.  DO NOT hang it on a branch or throw into a hedge.  Dog poo can contaminate grazing causing a number of diseases to livestock including aborting their young, plus messing on crops is on something that can end up in our food chain or be feed for livestock.

Attached is an advice sheet providing more information: