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Advice for All Vehicle Owners

A number of incidents have recently been reported of vehicles in North Warwickshire that have been left either secure or insecure and then been entered by offender(s) to steal items left in the vehicle.  Please do not leave items in your vehicle, even if you are only leaving it for a short amount of time.

Items that can be seen such as bags, coats, wallets/purses, sunglasses, lap tops, loose change, sports bags & equipment, Sat Nav systems, CDs, MP3 players, mobile phones and tools left in your vehicle will make it vulnerable to opportunist offenders and as well as the possibility of these items being stolen your car may also be damaged.

Even items left in the glove compartment and boot, out of sight are still vulnerable to offenders and can be stolen as has recently happened.

Please take everything out of your vehicle when you are not with it and always secure it.