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Police Warn of Increase in Catalytic Converter Thefts

We’ve seen a recent spate in catalytic converter thefts. Most vehicles have catalytic converters, which can be stolen for the value of the metal or illegally re-sold.

Thieves tend to target hybrid cars as the value of their converter is higher while vans/4x4s have a larger ground clearance meaning they are more easily accessible.

The simplest way to prevent catalytic converter theft is to park in a garage if you have one or park in a well-lit busy area. You could also:

• install motion activated lighting if you park your vehicle on a driveway
• consider fitting a protection device made specifically to cover the catalytic converter
• use your vehicle’s alarm or install a Thatcham approved alarm, which should activate if the vehicle is tilted or lifted
• ensure your dashcam is set to detect movement if you have one

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