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Offender Arrested Following Work of Rural Crime Team

During a patrol around Farnborough overnight PC Andy King and PC Purcell from the Rural Crime Team spotted an unoccupied 4×4 that came back all in order when they checked the registration through the Police National Computer. The vehicle was mixed in with numerous others but something about it just didn’t sit right.

With a bit of detective work PC Purcell located a telephone number for the registered keeper who had recently sold it and provided the name and address given by the person who bought it.
The details led officers to someone who was a recognised Organised Crime Group (OCG) member. Further work with the help of contacts in other Police Forces across the Country identified a significant person who was listed for arrest on Crimestoppers Most Wanted with a £3000 reward.

Working directly with Leicestershire Police officers were able to track this person in the vehicle from Farnborough to a cafe in Leicestershire. When Leicestershire Police surrounded the area Police cars suffered damage as the male made a bid to escape. Thanks to the resources in place 28 year old Daniel Casey of no fixed abode was arrested on suspicion of various offences and later charged with conspiracy to commit burglary across Wales between July 2018 and January 2019. He was remanded in custody and remains in prison awaiting trial. Other investigations are ongoing.

Having been wanted for over 12 months with a £3000 reward and subject of 2 Crimestoppers appeals he was arrested within 48 hours of the Rural Crime Team patrolling an area where rural residents had reported incidents and voiced concern.  Thank you to all who made contact to direct our efforts.