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Advice When Walking in the Countryside During This Present Time

From speaking with our NFU there are real concerns regarding people using public footpaths through farm yards and next to farm buildings. Some farmers, for a number of reasons, are in self isolatation, so please try to avoid these areas when taking your daily exercise.

There is also concern about numerous people touching the same gates, latches and stiles so take precautions where you can and be considerate, reducing any potential risks as much as possible.

There has also been an increase in dogs being exercised across farm land. Please keep to the footpath and your dog under close control at all times, preferably on a lead if going through a field with livestock in.

Sadly we have had a number of incidents in the past couple of months where lambs and ewes have been chased and killed after being worried by dogs.

We would also like to remind you to pick up after your dog (and take it to a bin) as leaving dog excrement in a field can cause serious illnesses in livestock.

By being considerate and reducing risks at this dificult time will make a difference and help support our farmers who are working to keep the food coming through to the shops.

Thank you in anticipation for your support on this. Remember to wash your hands when you return home, abide by the government guidelines and stay safe.

When taking your daily exercise or driving through the countryside please be vigilante and report anyone you see  acting suspiciously near or in a field of livestock or farm buildings.

RCO Carol Cotterill