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Stolen Caravan Recovered by Rural Crime Team

Whilst patrolling around the Stratford Upon Avon area, officers from the Rural Crime Team located a caravan that we were able to confirm as stolen from the Derby area in 2019.
Enquiries were made with the occupants currently living in the caravan to ascertain how they came to be in possession of it, while other officers from the team arranged to remove it from the location.
We have contacted the true owners of the caravan to inform them of our discovery and hope to return it to them asap.
Our team has recently undergone a slight restructuring of officers shifts to ensure more RCT officers are on duty at the same time. This adjustment was implemented to make our team more self sufficient in situations where it’s useful to have higher officer numbers. Our colleagues on response teams are busy enough without us throwing more work their way.
Anyway, we look forward to bringing you more results from this new way of working.