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Hare Coursing Incident in Kenilworth

Whilst the Rural Crime Officers were on patrol a call came in of a hare coursing incident in the Kenilworth area.

After a blue light run from another area of the county the officers found a white Ford Ranger reversing down a dirt track from around where the call had come in from.

The occupant of the vehicle stated he was very busy and had things to do.  Unfortunately his nervousness, muddy clothing and slip lead on the passenger seat raised the officers suspicion and they did further checks.

Unfortunately for the suspect they found a badly hidden thermal scope, three very skinny white lurchers in the back of the truck along with a few other interesting bits and bobs.  The person was arrested, everything seized including the vehicle and dogs.
If you see any suspicious activity, including possible poaching or coursing please call the police with as many details as possible.
Warwickshire Police are part of Operation Gallileo, where 28 forces are working together to deal with hare coursing, sharing intelligence, doing cross border working and arresting offenders.