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Transit Tipper Seized by Rural Crime Team

The driver of this Ford Transit decided to pull the old “drive around the roundabout and go back the way we came” trick after spotting our Rural Crime Team officers near Ryton on Dunsmore whilst they were on patrol.
The officers were concerned about this unusual behaviour and the clearly insecure load being carried.
The driver however decided they didn’t want to speak to officers and failed to stop when instructed.
The vehicle eventually came to a stop just a short distance away. The driver and passengers then decided to play a little game of musical chairs inside the vehicle before exiting and running off.  Other people around the vehicle tried to swap the registration plates right in front of officers in the hope the bright blue Transit tipper wouldn’t be identified.
It turns out the vehicle wasn’t insured, wasn’t taxed and didn’t have a current MOT as well as it was displaying registration plates for another vehicle.
The vehicle was seized along with its contents and associated registration plates. Somehow we don’t think anyone will be coming to the station to claim it.
The officers will now be reviewing their body worn video footage as well as other available video footage to ascertain who the driver was.